2022 June Release

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The integrated development environment (IDE) is based on an Eclipse plug-in. The following functionality is provided.

Use Case


Managing tests

The tests are managed in an app.test project.

Recording tests using the WAI ARIA tree

The WAI-ARIA representation of the user interface can be used to execute and record actions on the corresponding GUI elements.

Recording tests using the click recorder

The click recorder records the interaction with the user interface.

Note: The click recorder can be used with Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge. The click recorder does not support every possible interaction with the user interface. In these cases, use the WAI ARIA representation.

Editing tests

The test source code can also be edited directly to perform test improvements.

Using the possibilities of Fabasoft app.test DSL

In addition to saving interactions with the user interface, the DSL offers the following options:

  • validations
  • control flow
  • variables
  • logical and arithmetic operators

Executing tests

Recorded tests can be run with different web browsers.