2022 April Release

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Fabasoft app.test consists of the following product parts:

  • Fabasoft app.test DSL
    Fabasoft app.test provides its own domain-specific language (DSL) for recording tests.
  • Fabasoft app.test Eclipse Plug-In
    The Eclipse plug-in provides an integrated development environment for maintenance, creation and execution of tests.
  • Fabasoft app.test Agent
    The agent communicates with the web browser.
  • Fabasoft app.test Web Browser Extensions
    An extension is provided for each supported web browser. The eclipse plug-in can only communicate with the web browser if the extension is present.
  • Fabasoft app.test Starter
    Allows tests to be started on several backends and clients in parallel.
  • Fabasoft app.test Console Player
    Allows a test to be started directly from the command line.