2019 November Release

Fabasoft app.test StudioPermanent link for this heading

At a glance

  • Record, manage and analyze tests
  • Lay the foundation for high quality website tests
  • Prepare the automated test execution
  • Analyze, improve and debug tests

Fabasoft app.test Studio is the tool to manage software quality, providing the functionality to manage the full test cycle: managing test projects, recording and enhancing tests, analyzing reports and preparing full automation and CI integration.

No matter how complex test projects are, you are always in control. A simple click on the error message changes the test player to a test recorder so that you can immediately analyze and solve problems. Debugging tests has never been easier.

Fabasoft app.test comes with a full set of reports. Furthermore it comes with the ready to use BIRT report designer.

Test RecorderPermanent link for this heading

At a glance

  • Record test steps
  • Insert statements to assign values
  • Perform validations

Fabasoft app.test Recorder provides the tool to create valuable and effective tests. Based on the tree view of a web page or an application, highly specific actions can be performed. Parameters, validations as well as translations can be integrated and managed.

With the Test Recorder you can record tests by using the “Control Tree”. The tree view of the available controls (boxes, buttons, links, …) allows performing and recording actions, statements as well as validations. By utilizing the context menu in the tree you create tests by seamlessly inserting test statements. The steps are performed and recorded immediately.

With advanced options like “if statements”, “timeout” definitions or “waits” you can enhance your test executions exactly as you need them. Inserting “Set” and “Validation statements” helps you tune your tests and bring them up to a higher level of quality.

Recording a Click using the Test Recorder

Point and Click RecorderPermanent link for this heading

At a glance

  • Record test steps while working with a web application
  • Allow others to record tests
  • Insert test statements into an existing test
  • Get to know the structure of a website by exploring the recorded statements

The Point and Click Recorder makes recording tests as easy as working with an application. This fast and comfortable way to record tests allows anyone to create tests without prior knowledge of a testing application. Tests are recorded while developing or clicking through a website.

The tested website or web application is embedded in the Point and Click Recorder window. Right after hitting the “Start Recording” button, actions are recorded. As we want to ensure that tests survive changes on the user interface, they are recorded in an understandable way. Everything you do is recorded and displayed as an execution in the Test Recorder.

Recording a Click using the Point and Click Recorder

Multi-Browser SupportPermanent link for this heading

At a glance

  • Running tests with Microsoft Internet Explorer on Microsoft Windows Systems
  • Performing the same test with several versions of Mozilla Firefox without installing them
  • Using the same tests for each browser

Web applications are used with several browsers and platforms. Therefore we need to make sure that the tests are executed on several browsers and platforms.

The variety of web browsers increases steadily. As web applications should be accessible through various web browsers and on different platforms, we need to ensure that the application works properly in any environment. Therefore Fabasoft app.test supports many commonly used web browsers and operating systems (see chapter 6 Supported Platforms and Minimum System Requirements). When testing with Mozilla Firefox, no installation of any version is required – tests can be performed immediately.

Note: The included Mozilla Firefox versions correspond to the respective state of development of the web browser and may contain vulnerabilities. Therefore test only trusted sites.

Dialog and Script Error HandlerPermanent link for this heading

At a glance

  • Identification and reporting of Script Errors
  • Handling and reporting of all arriving dialogs and message boxes

Dialogs and script errors can be found in many websites. Script errors or other interfering elements can block the execution of tests. Dialogs especially are often used by web application developers for debugging purposes or for passing information to the user. These windows are partly modal, and this would otherwise result in interruptions to the test. Fabasoft app.test, however, identifies those windows or script errors and handles them to ensure that the test continues without interruption.

All dialog and script errors are documented in the reports.

Control Specification DesignerPermanent link for this heading

At a glance

  • Point-and-click IDE to provide reusable tests for any web page
  • Integrated editor for designing XPath expressions to locate elements

The Control Specification Designer provides an easy way to make a website testable. Even complex website structures can be described by clicking through, making web tests understandable for everybody.

Making a web application testable is a matter of clicking. Simply by “showing” the editor the parts of the website that belong together, so called “patterns” are generated. By applying them throughout the websites’ structure, tests become readable, understandable and reusable. The specification file can be integrated into the tests immediately.

When recording a test with Fabasoft app.test, the specification file is used and all actions are performed for the “understandable and readable parts”. This way complex website tests become humanly accessible.

Note: The Control Specification Designer is only available for Microsoft Windows and Microsoft Internet Explorer.

Control Specification Designer

Test PlayerPermanent link for this heading

At a glance

  • Running tests unattended
  • Executing tests on several platforms
  • Seamlessly switching from test to debugging mode to improve tests

The Fabasoft app.test Player allows for tests to be run in an unattended environment. It also allows running the same test on many platforms with various browsers on a regular basis. When using the Test Player in Fabasoft app.test Studio, immediate debugging of executed tests is possible to solve any problems.

In the Test Player recorded or imported tests can be played. If tests need to be modified, e.g. in the case of an error, it is possible to switch seamlessly to the Test Recorder and refine your test. Afterwards you can switch back to the Test Player and continue playing the test or restart it. You could call it a kind of “debugging” for tests.

Internationalization of TestsPermanent link for this heading

At a glance

  • Running the same test in a multilingual environment
  • No need to update tests after translating applications to other languages

Multilingual environments often cause duplication of acceptance tests when operating on the GUI. Fabasoft app.test provides the solution by providing translation files with multilingual strings. When recording tests, these strings are examined and statements are automatically recorded, independent of language.

Recording acceptance tests on the graphical user interface takes place in one language, but applications often support different languages. Therefore tests can be recorded in one language and executed in another. This provides a way to test international websites or applications in multiple languages without having to record tests for each language.