2019 November Release

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At a glance

  • Running preparation tasks on machine instances
  • Setting up remote applications
  • Copying and extracting files
  • Synchronizing workspace between machine instances

The Fabasoft app.test Commander is the tool to prepare a complete Continuous Integration environment. This includes setting up applications, performing administrative tasks, transferring files between instances and synchronizing files.

By using the Fabasoft app.test Commander installing applications, configuring systems or synchronizing files between machine instances happens in just the same way as testing. By using the same Domain-Specific Language (DSL) as when recording a test, you can transfer files between systems or execute applications. These tasks can be integrated into an Acceptance Test to dynamically prepare the environment as required in the test. To do so, operating system commands like move, delete or copy can be executed, Ant-Scripts can be called and the workspace can be synchronized.

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At a glance

  • Running tests on distributed environments without installing Fabasoft app.test Studio
  • Automated update prior to starting tests

The Remote Agent allows running parallel tests on different hosts. Whether the client is a virtual machine or physical computer with either Microsoft Windows or Linux installed, tests can be instantly executed.

The Fabasoft app.test Agent provides the necessary tool to run the same tests in parallel using different platform and web browser combinations (see chapter Supported Platforms and Minimum System Requirements). For remote testing purposes all that is required is to set up the Fabasoft app.test Agent on the computer where you want to execute or record the test. To start the tests remotely you can use the Console Player.

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At a glance

  • Seamless integration of Fabasoft app.test into Ant based build scripts
  • Loading data into the database after running tests

With Ant Tasks Fabasoft app.test can be directly integrated into the build process. Tests can be executed in parallel on multiple computers with various users.

Ant Tasks are used to run tests based on the Console Player. By using Ant Tasks you can immediately integrate any tests into the build cycle. After running tests by specifying a file set you can summarize test reports into one single report very simply. With a specified stylesheet, e.g. XSLT or BIRT, Ant Tasks can be used to transform and send out reports via e-mail.

Infrastructure ManagerPermanent link for this heading

At a glance

  • Preparation of virtual machines (VMs) before starting tests
  • Balancing tests over many machine instances
  • Executing application setups to prepare servers and clients

The Fabasoft app.test Infrastructure Manager provides a set of tools to automate recurring tasks prior to starting them. This includes dynamically requesting resources (VMs) based on specified requirements, cloning them, running setups, copying files and finally cleaning up.

With the Infrastructure Manager test resources in the data centers can be managed. Whether you need clients or servers for testing, they can be requested dynamically. Even preparing the infrastructure elements by performing setups, copying files or running scripts is possible. The infrastructure manager takes care of balancing requested resources over many physical machines. When requesting infrastructure, it is provided based on the specified requirements.

These requirements could look like

  • I need 2 instances with CentOS
  • I need 2 clients with Microsoft Windows 7
  • I need 1 client with Microsoft Windows 8.1, Microsoft Internet Explorer 11 and Microsoft Office 2013 installed

The infrastructure manager takes care of the provisioning of virtual machine instances based on your templates as well as cleaning up after the job is finished.