2022 April Release

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Warnings are lightweight “Errors” which are just reported but do not primarily prevent test execution to be continued. Some of the warnings should be considered as they may indicate a reason if an error occurs in further execution.

Here you will find a list of all warning messages that might occur in Fabasoft app.test when recording or running tests.

[1711] Client Warning: <message>

This message is shown when the Fabasoft installation displays a warning. Fabasoft app.test collects all warning messages reported during an execution and reports it as client warning.

A client warning also occurs, if the Fabasoft installation reports a warning internally via a defined JavaScript interface to Fabasoft app.test.

Max number of iterations exceeded

This warning occurs if the iterations of a loop reached the defined maximum number of iterations. The warning is generated and the loop aborted.

Client Adaptor was not ready after <time> ms: <busy reason>

This warning is displayed when you use WaitAfter in an execution, and the client was not ready after the defined time to wait.

Unexpected window <title>: text [<text>], buttons [<buttons>]. Handled by pressing <button>

This warning is displayed if Fabasoft app.test detects an unexpected window (e.g. a JavaScript alert) while executing an action.

[1621] Remaining context application(s): <message>

This warning will be added to a session, if the session was finished and Fabasoft app.test detected remaining third-party application windows opened through the Fabasoft app.test Adaptor.
Details see attribute closeremainingcontextapps of the Run tag.

[3103] Ambiguous location: Multiple location possibilities: [<locations>]

This warning occurs if a localized location is used, and at least one of the affected translation keys can be resolved to multiple translation values and execution failed with all possible resolved locations. This warning is just attached to the error occurred.

[1102] Invalid system time change: <message>

The warning [1102] Invalid system time change: Time elapsed: <elapsed> ms, system time elapsed: <system time elapsed> ms, difference: <difference> ms occurs if the system time of the machine where the Fabasoft app.test Adaptor is running changed abnormally while an execution is performed or while the Adaptor starts up.
Abnormally means if the difference of time elapsed measured from the system clock and by an independent system timer was negative or more than 5 seconds.

Adaptor startup failed/warning: <message> / Timeout <message>

This kind of warnings are reported if a problem which does not prevent further test execution occurs while starting the Fabasoft app.test Adaptor and waiting for it to be ready.

[5101] Adaptor startup failed: Timeout: <busy reason>

This warning occurs if the Fabasoft app.test Adaptor did not get ready within the startup timeout.

[5101] Adaptor startup failed: Timeout: Progress state <state> after <time> ms (waiting for FINISHED)

This warning occurs if the browser does not set the progress state of the web page properly while the Fabasoft app.test adaptor is started.

The browser did not change the progress state of the web page properly within the given timeout.

[1101] Timeout: (waited <time> ms for adaptor to evaluate client messages)

This warning occurs, if the Fabasoft app.test Adaptor startup timed out after it was already detected to be ready but checking for client messages (error messages and warnings from the web page) is still not complete.

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