2022 June Release

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To record or run tests a run configuration is needed. The run configuration defines the test that should be executed and a base configuration file. The most important settings of the base configuration file can be overwritten in the run configuration.

Creating a Base Configuration File

To create a base configuration file, open the context menu of your project and click “New” > “Fabasoft app.test Config File”. Define a name. Edit the created apptest-config file and define your desired settings. At least consider webserver, address and clienttype. More information about all possible settings can be found in chapter “Configuration File”.

Creating a Run Configuration

To create a run configuration, open the “Run” menu and click “Run Configurations”. Create a new “Fabasoft app.test” run configuration. Define a test and the previously created base configuration. All other values are taken over from the base configuration.

Using Run Configurations

It is often the case that several tests should use the same run configuration. When running the last used run configuration, the currently focused test (opened in the editor or selected in the project explorer) will be executed.

If you make changes in a run configuration (e.g. the scope) the change is only stored in the run configuration and not in the base configuration file. When changing the base configuration file, the customizations will be overwritten.

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