2022 June Release

Overview of Fabasoft app.testPermanent link for this heading

The Fabasoft app.test Eclipse Plug-In provides an own perspective that can be adjusted to your needs.

The default app.test perspective provides following areas:

  • Project Explorer
    The project explorer allows navigating through the app.test projects.
  • Editor Area
    The editor shows the source code of the test file. You can edit the file manually or add statements while recording a test.
  • State Area
    • Console
      Shows log information and not successfully executed statements.
    • Problems
      Shows syntax errors and errors that occur while running a test. Can be double-clicked to jump to the respective line.
    • Tasks
      Shows tasks the where added to the source code.
      Note: To add a task open the context menu in the left border of the editor (next to the statement, where the task should be added) and click "Add Task".
  • Recording Area
    • ARIA Tree
      The ARIA tree reflects the structure of the current web page.
    • Variables
      Shows the current values of system-defined and user-defined variables.
    • Breakpoints
      Shows the defined breakpoints.
    • Outline
      Shows an outline of the source code.
  • Debug Area
    Shows the running debug sessions and allows to step through the test.

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Download PDF