2022 June Release

Installing Fabasoft app.testPermanent link for this heading

To start right away, you just have to install the Fabasoft app.test Eclipse Plug-In via following update site: https://download.fabasoft.com/updates/update_apptest/

Attention: Any legacy app.test plug-in (2019 or previous) must be removed before installing the new app.test plug-in (2020 or later). If you still need the legacy non-DSL version 2019 of Fabasoft app.test, you can find it here: https://download.fabasoft.com/updates/update_apptest/2019/

To install the Fabasoft app.test Eclipse Plug-In, proceed as follows:

  1. Open Eclipse.
  2. In the “Help” menu, click “Install New Software”.
  3. Click the “Add” button, and enter a name and the update site URL https://download.fabasoft.com/updates/update_apptest/.
  4. Select “Fabasoft app.test DSL” and click “Next”.
  5. Follow the wizard and restart Eclipse.

Continue with additional configuration steps as described in the next chapter.