2022 April Release

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Fabasoft app.test is the tool for functional software test automation in the Fabasoft product realm. When automating tests, Fabasoft app.test ensures that the software is tested in the same way as real users use the application, i.e. through actual interaction with the user interface in the web browser.

You can record tests either via a tree representation of the user interface or via a click recorder. The recorded tests can be executed locally at the workstation or in a CI environment in parallel with different web browsers and operating systems.

Fabasoft app.test consists of following product parts:

  • Fabasoft app.test Eclipse Plug-In
    The Eclipse plug-in is used to manage, record and run tests.
  • Fabasoft app.test Agent
    The agent communicates with the web browser. It has to be installed on all remote clients that should run tests. It is not necessary to install the agent on the workstation that runs Eclipse because the plug-in provides an integrated agent.
  • Fabasoft app.test Web Browser Extensions
    For each supported web browser an extension is provided. The agent can only communicate with the web browser if the extension is available. The Fabasoft app.test Web Browser Extension for the used web browser is deployed automatically.
  • Fabasoft app.test Infrastructure
    Fabasoft app.test Infrastructure provides tools for running tests in a CI environment:
    • Fabasoft app.test Starter
      Allows tests to be started on several backends and clients in parallel.
    • Fabasoft app.test Console Player
      Allows a test to be started directly from the command line.

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