2022 June Release

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Annotations refer to the following statement or block and modify the behavior or add information. Annotations are written in square brackets. Multiple annotations have to be separated by a comma.

Annotations for Tests

  • [Tag("TAG1, TAG2")]
    Tests can be tagged. You may evaluate the tags in your test environment to decide whether the test should run based on the kind of changes made to the product.

Annotations for Blocks

  • [Hide]
    The statements of the following block will not be shown in the test report.

Annotations for Variables

  • [AutoReplace] or [A]
    When recording actions, strings that match the variable value will be replaced by the variable. For example, you can define a variable for an object name that depends on a dynamic test ID. Since every occurrence of the object name will be replaced by the variable it is possible to run the test independent of the current test ID.
  • [HideVal]
    The value of the variable will not be shown in the test report (may be useful for passwords).

Annotations for Actions

  • [WaitUntilExists] or [W]
    Waits for the location until the timeout is reached.
  • [E]
    Only executes the statement if the location exists (shortcut for [If(Exists)]).
    The statement will only be executed if the condition is fulfilled. The condition may refer to a location.
  • [Timeout(MILLISECONDS)]
    Overwrites the default timeout before an error is raised. May be useful, for example, for long running imports.
  • [WaitBefore(MILLISECONDS)]
    Waits the defined time before the action is executed.
  • [WaitAfter(MILLISECONDS)]
    Waits the defined time after the action is executed.
  • [HideVal]
    The value will not be shown in the test report (may be useful for passwords).
  • [Hide]
    The statement will not be shown in the test report.
  • [Break]
    If an error occurs in the statement, the test run will be aborted. Otherwise the test run will only be aborted, if the defined maximum number of errors has been reached.






[WaitUntilExists, Timeout(MILLISECONDS)]