2022 June Release

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Actions that are used for interacting with the user interface refer to a location. The location is written after the action. Some actions like Wait do not depend on a location.

    Validates an expression. The expression may contain location-based functions (e.g. “Exists”) and in this case it refers to a location.
  • Click, Click("KEYS")
    Clicks a location (e.g. a button) with optionally pressed keys.
  • Close
    Closes a window of a third-party product.
  • DoubleClick, DoubleClick("KEYS")
    Double-clicks a location with optionally pressed keys.
  • Execute
    Executes a command in context of an external JAR file.
  • Import("PATH")
    Imports a file defined by the path into the location (e.g. an object list).
  • PressKey("KEYS")
    Presses key in context of the location if possible, otherwise no error or warning is issued.
  • RecorderReplace("pattern","replacement")
    Replaces a recorded string specified by a regular expression pattern. The default value for replacement is “*”.
  • RightClick, RightClick("KEYS")
    Right-clicks a location (e.g. a button) with optionally pressed keys.
  • Screenshot
    Takes a screenshot.
  • Select
    Selects a command in context of an external JAR file.
  • SendKeys("Text")
    Send the given text as single keys to a location.
  • SetValue(VALUE)
    Enters the defined value in a location (e.g. in a property field).
  • SetFile("PATH")
    Defines a file for an import button.
    Waits the defined milliseconds.


Assert(Exists) @LOCATION

Assert(4==Count) @LOCATION

Assert("{~jobend~}" like "{~datenow~}*")


Click("Metakey") @LOCATION

Close @WINDOWS[1]

DoubleClick @LOCATION

Execute @Commands.Copy

Import("{~file4~}") @LOCATION

PressKey("MetaKey+AKey") @LOCATION

RightClick @LOCATION

RecorderReplace("[0-9]+\\.[0-9]+\\.[0-9]+ [0-9]+:[0-9]+:[0-9]+", "*")


Select @Commands.Copy

SendKeys("First Word") @LOCATION

SetValue(false) @LOCATION

SetFile("{~imppathbasic~}{~imp03_docx~}") @LOCATION