2019 February Release

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The "Test State" view shows the progress of the file(s) that is/are running in the Fabasoft app.test Player (see chapter “Start the Fabasoft app.test Player”) as well as test runs that have already been terminated.

Here is a short description of the buttons that are available in the "Test State" view:

  • "Remove all terminated jobs"
    Click this button to remove all terminated tests from the "Test State" view.
  • "Skip Statement"
    Click this button to skip the current statement.
  • "Resume"
    Click this button to resume a test that has been suspended (including the current statement).
  • "Suspend"
    Click this button to suspend the execution of a test.
  • "Terminate"
    Click this button to completely stop the execution of a test.
  • "On Breakpoint"
    Click this button to choose whether to ignore breakpoints or not.
  • "On Error"
    Click this button to choose whether to stop if an error occurs or not.

Note: If an error occurs in the "Test State" view, you can open the file and select the line where the error occurred by double clicking the error in the "Test State" view.