2019 February Release

Test Browsers in Mobile Device EmulatorsPermanent link for this heading

When using the application type “Mobile Browser” Fabasoft app.test will start the browser in a device emulator of a mobile device. For this to work further configuration is required.

AndroidPermanent link for this heading

When selecting the application type “Mobile Browser” with the client type “Google Chrome” Fabasoft app.test will start “Google Chrome” in an Android Emulator instance. This requires Android SDK to be installed on the test clients.

After installing the Android SDK the following packages have to be installed and/or updated via the SDK Manager in addition to Android System Images of your choice (Intel x86 images are recommended).

  • Android SDK Tools
  • Android SDK Platform Tools
  • Android System Image 4.4.2 or higher (Intel x86 recommended)
  • Intel x86 Emulator Accelerator (HAXM Installer) (optional: only for Intel x86 images)
    • This only downloads the installer which is then located in “<Android SDK>/extras/intel/Hardware_Accelerated_Execution_Manager” and has to be installed manually.

After installing the desired Android System image(s) via the SDK Manager open the AVD Manager (via Tools->Manage AVDs…) and create a new Android Virtual Device (more information can be found here: Managing AVDs with AVD Manager).

Start the newly created Android Virtual Device and remove the “Screen lock” by setting “Settings->Security->Screen lock” to “None”.

After this the Android Virtual Device can be used for testing with Fabasoft app.test.

When using the application type “Mobile Browser” with the client type “Google Chrome” some settings are mandatory on the “Google Chrome” tab of the launch dialog.

  • Android SDK Path: the path to the Android SDK directory on the test client
  • Android Device Serial Number: if the Android Virtual Device on the test client is kept running between tests enter the device serial number as obtained by “adb devices”
  • Start Android Emulator; if this option is selected Fabasoft app.test will start a new Android Emulator instance, the Android Device Serial Number is not required in this case but Android AVD Name has to be set to a valid AVD name on the test client.
  • Server Certificates: here a pipe separated list of certificates in Android System format can be supplied. These will be installed before a test and allow testing of secure web sites. These certificates have to comply with the format used by Android for system-wide certificates. The script gen-cert-android (both for Microsoft Windows and Linux Operating Systems) in the Fabasoft app.test installation directory under jsadaptor/certs converts a certificate in PEM format so it can be used for Android. The script requires OpenSSL to be installed an in the path.