2019 November Release

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Following, the terms of Fabasoft app.test are described and how they work together.


Fabasoft app.test records steps within a Fabasoft Folio client, a Mindbreeze Enterprise Search client or Liferay Portal. Three types of steps are supported.

The first type is an execution statement (see chapter “Execution Statement”). An execution step carries out an action such as clicking a portal page or entering a text into an input field. This means within an execution it is defined which action (Click, Doubleclick, Set, Import, ...) should be carried out on which control (the name of a location such as an input field, a button or a drag-into field).

The second step type is a set statement (see chapter “Set Statement”). This is used for setting a parameter. A parameter in Fabasoft app.test is used for saving values and reusing them later on. A set statement contains the name of the parameter to be set and the value that should be saved. You can save the following values in a parameter:

  • predefined values
  • values of controls (location)
  • results of evaluating expressions (such as a calculation or a string manipulation)
  • results of Fabasoft app.ducx Expressions

The third type of step is a validation statement (see chapter „Replacement of parameters while recording a test“). In a validation you can check conditions such as if an execution has been executed correctly. In a condition you can check Boolean values or compare strings, intergers or date values. Furthermore, you can check several statements at once by combining them with "and" (&&) or "or" (||).

Use Case

Steps are collected in use cases. A use case might contain for example all steps for creating a new object or for executing work items of an activity in the workflow.


One or more use cases can form a sequence. One sequence might for example contain the whole workflow of a business object, where one use case represents an activity of a business object.
A sequence is executed in the context of a test user which is defined when starting a sequence. Furthermore, a location can be defined where the sequence should be executed (e.g. Fabasoft Folio or Mindbreeze Enterprise Search) as well as the web browser that should be used within the sequence.

Parameter Table

A parameter table contains set statements in which parameters are set to predefined values. If a parameter table is loaded, its parameters are set at the beginning of a test. This means that all parameters set in the parameter table can be used within the whole test.


Finally, sequences are combined to form tests. A test must contain at least one sequence. If a test contains several sequences, the user can change from sequence to sequence. Also the location can change, e.g. one sequence may be executed within a Fabasoft Folio client and the next one within a Mindbreeze Enterprise Search client or Liferay Portal web page.

Furthermore, each test can contain one or more parameter tables (which are always executed at the beginning of a test not matter at which position they exist in the test).