2019 November Release

"Tasks" ViewPermanent link for this heading

The "Tasks" view contains a list of all tasks that have been set within the Fabasoft app.test Studio. A task can be set within a test file to a specific statement for remembering a job that has to be done. If you want to see the line where the task has been added, double click it in the "Tasks" view. The corresponding file opens and the line where the task belongs to is selected.

How to Create a TaskPermanent link for this heading

For creating a new task open a test file in the Fabasoft app.test Studio and change to the "Editor" view.

Open the context menu in the left border (next to the statement, where the task should be added) and select "Add Task".

A pop-up window opens where you can enter a description for the task. Furthermore you can set the priority of this task as well as if the task is completed yet. After defining the task, click "OK" for creating the new task.