2021 September Release

Location-Based FunctionsPermanent link for this heading

The following functions can be used to retrieve attributes and values from locations:

  • GetValue
    Returns the value of the location (e.g. of an input field).
  • GetName
    Returns the label of the location.
    This should be the preferred property when the value is used to build a locator
  • Exists
    Returns whether the location exists.
  • Count
    Returns the number of child elements of the location.
  • GetAddress
    Returns the object address (e.g. COO.15.512.3.123) of the object defined by the location.
  • IsSelected
    Returns whether the location (row or cell in a list) is selected.
  • IsReadonly
    Returns whether the location (e.g. an input field) is read-only.
  • IsRequired
    Returns whether the location (e.g. an input field) is mandatory.
  • GetDescription
    Returns the description of a location.
  • GetLanguage
    Returns the language of the location as defined by the the lang or xml:lang attribute.


Assert("{~replacedoc~}"==GetValue) @LOCATION

ger = Exists @LOCATION

Assert("5"==Count("row")) @LOCATION

branches = Count @LOCATION

ooaddr1 = GetAddress @LOCATION

Assert(IsSelected) @LOCATION

Assert(IsReadonly) @LOCATION

Assert(IsChangeable) @LOCATION

Assert(IsRequired) @LOCATION

errorvalue = GetDescription @LOCATION