2019 November Release

Insert Delay Between Exporting and Again Importing a FilePermanent link for this heading

If you test remote by using the Fabasoft app.test Agent and you export a file which is immediately imported again, problems might occur. This might happen because transferring the exported document from the Fabasoft app.test Agent to the Fabasoft app.test Studio might take some time which means when the "Import" action is carried out the file does not yet exist on the computer where the Fabasoft app.test Studio is running. Therefore, it it helpful to insert a delay between the export and the import of the file so that it is ensured that the document exists before it is imported again.


<Execution action="Click" location="PAGES.Explore.Object List.MENUBAR.Tools" />
<Execution action="Click" location="MENU.Export" value="{~exportdocs~}FabasoftFolio.pdf" options="Save" />
<Execution action="Delay" value="5000" />
<Execution action="Click" location="Next" if="Exists" />
<Execution action="Import" location="PAGES.Explore.Object List.BUTTONBAR.SelectTool" value="{~exportdocs~}FabasoftFolio.pdf" />