2019 November Release

How to Use Certificates in Fabasoft app.testPermanent link for this heading

In Fabasoft app.test it is possible to use certificates for logging on to a server. The certificate that should be used is defined in the Certificate field. This entry is saved in the system parameter certificate.

A certificate can be defined

  • In the "Start Recorder" dialog.

  • In the "Run" dialog.

  • When starting a new sequence in a test ("Properties" view - advanced properties).

The standard folder for certificates in Fabasoft app.test is the "Certificates" folder in the "Resources" folder of a Fabasoft app.test project.

Following it is described how Fabasoft app.test tries loading certificates:

  • If you did not define a certificate but a user name, Fabasoft app.test looks in the standard folder "Certificates" if a certificate exists which has the name of the defined user. If a certificate is found it is used, otherwise the user itself is used for logging on.

  • In the Certificate field you can enter a path (with or without a filename). This means the value entered into the field contains "/" or "\" and/or ends with .pfx or .p12.
    • If a relative path is entered the basic folder is the "Certificates" folder.
    • If a path has been entered (but no certificate) and a user is defined, Fabasoft app.test tries loading a certificate with the name of the entered user (in a sequence the certificate would be {~Sequence.username~}.pfx or {~Sequence.username~}.p12).
    • If a filename has been entered, Fabasoft app.test tries loading the certificate.
  • If only a certificate name is entered (without a path or a file extension) Fabasoft app.test looks for the certificate with the specified name in the standard folder for certificates.

Note: You cannot use certificates in the following cases:

  • Testing with Microsoft Internet Explorer in a Microsoft Windows 7 or Microsoft Windows 8 Environment