2019 November Release

How to Select Rows of a ListPermanent link for this heading

A row can either be selected by its index or by the text in a specific cell. It is better to select it by the text in a cell and not by its index because the index might change if you execute the test several times or if you use a different backend system for running the test. You can also use parameters for selecting a row. For checking the text of several cells you can use the operators && for "and" and || for "or".

In the following example a row of an object list is selected. The name of the object is saved in the parameter wordfile, the object class of the object is "Word Object". This is the statement for selecting the row:


<Execution action="Click" location='Object List["Name"=="{~wordfile~}"&amp;&amp;"Object Class"=="Word Object"]' />

You can also select the last row of a list by using the following statement:


<Execution action="Click" location="Object List[LAST]" />

If you want to select all rows of a list, you usually select the first row of the list (index 0) and then select the last row while pressing the Shift key additionally.

Here is an example of how you can select all displayed rows of an object list:


<Execution action="Click" location="Object List[0]" />
<Execution action="Click" location="Object List[LAST]" options="ShiftKey" />