2019 February Release

How to Import Existing Files and Projects Into the Fabasoft app.test StudioPermanent link for this heading

Fabasoft app.test offers the possibility to import existing Fabasoft app.test projects (or single test files) into the Fabasoft app.test Studio.

  • Import single files (such as a test or a use case file)
  • Import an existing Fabasoft app.test Project

How to Import Single Test FilesPermanent link for this heading

If you want to import one single file to an existing project, open the "File" menu and select "Import"

A dialog opens for selecting what you want to import. As you can see, you can import the following files:

  • Sequence
  • Test
  • Use Case

Select the type of file you want to import and click "Next".

Select the file to be imported in the File field and the project in the tree below. You can import a test that has been created with Fabasoft app.test as well as files that have been created with Fabasoft DUCXtest. If necessary, you can change the name of the file in the Name field. Once you have selected the desired file and the project, click "Finish" to import the file.

A notification is shown at the top of the window if you have selected a wrong file (e.g. you selected a sequence even though you wanted to import a test).

The test is then imported and opened in the Fabasoft app.test Studio.

How to Import Existing Fabasoft DUCXtest or app.test ProjectsPermanent link for this heading

The Fabasoft DUCXtest or app.test project to be imported must contain a project file. This file is generated for each project created using older Fabasoft DUCXtest versions.

To import a Fabasoft DUCXtest or a Fabasoft app.test project execute the following steps:

  1. Open the "File" menu and select "Import".
  2. Select "Existing Fabasoft DUCXtest or app.test Projects into Workspace" and click "Next".

You can either select a directory where the project(s) is/are located you want to import or an archive file (e.g. a *.zip file). When you select the directory or archive file, all contained projects are listed. You can select the projects to be imported by selecting the check box next to the corresponding project.

Furthermore, you can decide if the project(s) should be referenced (which means they remain in the existing location) or if they should be copied to the workspace. If you want to copy them, select the Copy projects into workspace check box.

  1. Click "Finish" once you have selected all projects you want to import.

The projects are imported and shown in the "Projects" view of the Fabasoft app.test Studio.