2019 November Release

How to Import Documents into Fabasoft FolioPermanent link for this heading

In Fabasoft Folio two ways are offered for importing files. You can either import them by dragging-and-dropping them onto the drag-into field of an object list or by using the "File" control of the web browser (e.g. when opening the "Tools" menu and selecting "Import"). Following you can find some examples how you can import files into Fabasoft Folio in a Fabasoft app.test test.

Import a File per Drag&DropPermanent link for this heading

A file can be imported by dragging it into an object list of Fabasoft Folio and dropping it on the drag-into field.


<Execution action="Import" location="PAGES.Explore.Object List.BUTTONBAR.SelectTool" value="{~importdocs~}Documents/Fabasoft apptest.docx" />

Import Several Files per Drag-and-dropPermanent link for this heading

You can also import several files at once by dragging and dropping more than one file onto the drag-into field.


<Execution action="Import" location="PAGES.Explore.Object List.BUTTONBAR.SelectTool" value="{~importdocs~}Fabasoft apptest.pdf|{~importdocs~}Image.gif|{~importdocs~}Talk the future.docx" />

Import a File per "Tools" > "Import"Permanent link for this heading


<Execution action="Click location="PAGES.Explore.Object List.MENUBAR.Tools" />
<Execution action="Click" location="MENU.Import" />
<Execution action="Set" location="PAGES.Explore.File" filename="{~importdocs~}2010 - Fabasoft apptest.docx" />
<Execution action="Click" location="PAGES.Explore.BUTTONBAR.Next" />

Import a File in the Attribute Editor of an ObjectPermanent link for this heading

In the attribute editor of a content object you can also import an object.


<Execution action="Contextmenu" location='PAGES.Explore.Object List["Name"=="Fabasoft apptest"]' />
<Execution action="Click" location="MENU.Edit Properties" />
<Execution action="Set" location="PAGES[0].Primary Content.Content" filename="{~importdocs~}2010 - Fabasoft apptest.docx" />
<Execution action="Click" location="PAGES[0].BUTTONBAR.Next" />