2019 February Release

How to Debug a Test in the Fabasoft app.test RecorderPermanent link for this heading

A test can be debugged in the Fabasoft app.test Recorder which means you can run it step by step or execute several steps till a breakpoint occurs.

How to Run One Single StatementPermanent link for this heading

To execute one single statement (this can be an execution, set or validation statement as well as a context switch, a sequence or a use case) select the element to be executed in the "Outline" view.

For running the statement click the "Step Into" button in the button bar. You can also use the F5 key instead.

After clicking this button the selected statement/element is executed and the next statement/element is selected in the "Outline" view. Now you can again execute this statement by using the "Step Into" button.

If an error occurs when executing the statement it is displayed in the Result and Message fields of the Fabasoft app.test Recorder (beyond the control tree) and the statement is still selected in the "Outline" view.

How to Add BreakpointsPermanent link for this heading

It is also possible to insert breakpoints into a test for stopping at a specific position when running statements in the Fabasoft app.test Recorder. For adding a breakpoint select the statement (or the element) where the breakpoint should be added and click the "Toggle Breakpoint" button (or press Ctrl+Shift+B instead).

A breakpoint is added to the selected statement which is visualized by coloring the icon red as well as using bold font.

How to Run Multiple StatementsPermanent link for this heading

If you want to run several statements consecutively, select the statement/element in the "Outline" view from where it should be started and click the "Run in Recorder" button.

All steps are executed one after the other including the change of sequences and contexts. The test run stops if

  • The "Terminate" button is clicked. This stops the execution of statements immediately. The statement currently carried out is finished and then the execution of statements stops.

  • An error occurs. The test run stops, the statement where the error occurred is selected in the "Outline" view and the error is displayed in the Fabasoft app.test Recorder beyond the control tree.

  • A breakpoint is reached. The breakpoint statement is selected and the test run can be continued by clicking "Run in Recorder" again.

  • The end of the test is reached.