2019 November Release

How to Anaylze a Report After a Test RunPermanent link for this heading

Each time a test is executed in the Fabasoft app.test (Console) Player, a report is created. The created report can be found in the "Reports" folder of the project. For each executed test file a folder is created where all reports of this test file are saved. The folder has the following name: <type of the test file> <test name>.

Note: If errors occurred in the test run and you created dump files (see chapter “How to Start the Fabasoft app.test Player”), for each error a folder is created with the same name as the report itself. This folder contains all files that belong to the report such as screenshots or HTML files.

You can open a report by double clicking it in the "Projects" view. The report is either opened in a new tab at the bottom of the Fabasoft app.test Studio or as a new tab in the "Cheat Sheet" view (if opened).

Here you can see the total number of all sequences, use cases, context switches, executions, set statements and validations as well as how many of them have been successful, caused an error/a warning or were skipped.

Also you can see in detail which statements have been successful and which not. Each statement and its result are displayed. It also shows if parameters are used within a statement and the value the parameters had in this statement. This means you can see which statements have been executed and if they have been successful or not.

If you have created dump files, you can use them for identifying the reason for the occurring error. All these files (if they exist) are referenced in the report.

The screenshot might be useful for example for validating of a control really existed, if the the wrong page is displayed or if executions have been carried out successfully.

If you have also saved the HTML of the page where the error occurred, you can use this file to check if the HTML is correct or if problems in there caused the Fabasoft app.test error.

Furthermore, you can check if all controls displayed in the HTML are also listed in the control tree. Finally you can check the values the test parameters were set to by opening the parameter table where all test parameters available at the point where the error occurred are saved.

If you have identified all errors that appeared in the test file you can edit the file again in the Fabasoft app.test Recorder for eliminating the errors.