2021 September Release

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The Fabasoft app.test Agent has to be installed on every client that should run tests. The Fabasoft app.test Eclipse Plug-In provides its own integrated agent, thus it is not necessary to install an agent locally but you can if you want to use the external agent locally, too.

The Fabasoft app.test Agent can be downloaded here:


For installing the Fabasoft app.test Agent unzip the file and start the installer program. This can be done by executing "setup.exe" on Windows systems, or launching the JAR archive (java -jar apptest-agent.jar). Follow the wizard and start the agent after the installation has finished.

Following advanced options are available.

Installer Options

// starts the setup with a graphical user interface
java -jar apptest-agent.jar

// starts the setup in a non-graphical console guided mode
// if X-forwarding is configured on Linux systems this will only work if the

// DISPLAY variable is unset before running the setup (unset DISPLAY)

java -jar apptest-agent.jar -console

// generates a template file for install options (no setup is started)
java -jar apptest-agent.jar -options-template <optionsfile>

// performs the setup with the options file
java -jar apptest-agent.jar -options <optionsfile>

// debug mode
java -DTRACE=TRUE -jar apptest-agent.jar

// uninstalls the agent
java -jar "<install path>/uninstall/uninstall.jar"

java -jar "<install path>/uninstall/uninstall.jar" -console