2019 November Release

"Editor Area" ViewPermanent link for this heading

The "Editor Area" view is used for recording statements and editing test files. Furthermore, all parameters (divided into test and system parameters) are listed in this view.

This view contains five tabs.

"Recorder" TabPermanent link for this heading

On the "Recorder" tab the control tree for recording statements is shown if the Fabasoft app.test Recorder is started. In here you can record statements.

"Source" TabPermanent link for this heading

The "Source" view displays the source code of the test file. A test file in Fabasoft app.test is an XML file. You can edit the file manually by adding, removing and changing XML tags. If errors occur in the XML file, they are marked in the file as well as listed in the "Problems" view.

All changes that took place in the source code are also displayed in the "Outline" view, where all statements and elements of the test file are listed. This means, if you change for example the name of a use case in the source code, the "Outline" view is updated and the new use case name is displayed.

"Test Parameters" TabPermanent link for this heading

In here you can find all parameters that have been set within the test till now (by using set statements – see chapter “Set Statement”).

You can also change the value or the name of a parameter displayed in this grid by clicking into the corresponding field and entering a new name resp. value. Additionally you can define a new parameter by clicking into an empty row.

Furthermore you can save all test parameters currently set into a parameter table file. So you can reuse them later on in another test. Therefore, open the context menu within the "Test Parameters" tab and click "Save As".

Now you can select where to save the parameter table file and enter a name for the file. By clicking "OK" the file is created.

You can remove all parameters currently set by opening the context menu and selecting "Clear".

For loading additional parameters that have been saved in a parameter table you can open the context menu and select "Load".

Select the parameter table to be loaded and click "OK".

All parameters set in the parameter table are loaded and are now available to be used within the test file (when recording and running tests in the Fabasoft app.test Recorder). If parameters already existed in the grid, they are overwritten by the loaded test parameters (if they have the same names).

"System Parameters" TabPermanent link for this heading

On this tab you can find a list of all system parameters. These cannot be changed or saved in a parameter table. They are predefined by the system and therefore can only be changed by the system. These parameters contain information about the tested web server, the login data, error information etc.

A list of all system parameters and a description of their function can be found in chapter “List of All System Parameters”.

"Translation Table" TabPermanent link for this heading

On this tab you can find a list of all key/value pairs that have currently been loaded from language files. These key/value pairs are needed if you translate a test during recording (see chapter “How to Translate Tests During Recording”).

On this tab, key/value pairs are only shown if language files have been loaded before. The table cannot be edited.