2019 November Release

"Carousel" view in Fabasoft FolioPermanent link for this heading

If you changed in an object list of Fabasoft Folio to the "Carousel" view, it might happen that it takes longer loading the view.

You can check if loading the view has finished by checking if a row is enabled. Based on the result you can carry out a delay if the row is not yet enabled.


<!-- Change to the "Carousel" view -->
<Execution action="Click" location="PAGES.Explore.Object List.BUTTONBAR.View - [*]" />
<Execution action="Click" location="MENU.View" />
<Execution action="Click" location="MENU.View.Carousel" />
<!-- Check if row is currently enabled -->
<Set parameter="isenabled" location="PAGES.Explore.Object List[LAST]" eval="Enabled" />
<!-- If row is not enabled carry out a delay of 10 seconds -->
<Execution action="Delay" value="10000" if="!{~isenabled~}" />